R.W. Heller

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In his 80th year, Ron Heller authored 5 Books on 5 different subjects.

Closing in on his 90th year, he’s written 10 books on “Making Everyday, Discovery Day“. 600,000 words about “Who we are”.

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Local Lakeland Fl. residents can find the book at various stores and restaurants in the area; however for a limited time, the book will not be available to the world except online and only via iamlakeland.com at a special introductory price and with a code that leads to a cipher which offer many prizes and eventually a grand prize. “Making everyday, a discovery day” can be beneficial to readers in many ways not the least of which is a Da Vinci styled mystery.
Ron Heller is a former radio an TV personality having written and produced his own shows in major markets. “Golf is our Game” and “Simply Fascinating” TV and radio shows were featured throughout Florida from 1985-2005. Though his previous endeavors included professional baseball, acting in “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis Presley; press secretary to Ronald Reagan in 1980 in Michigan and speaking to over 500 clubs, colleges and organizations over the years: R.W.Heller (Ron) claims writing fascinating and provocative books since the year 2000 in his finest achievement. 

Book No. 1 is now available.


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Ron Heller

Active Aging Author…

has once again set the literary world upside down. In 2015 the 80 year old authored 5 books at on time; a self-help book, a fictional biography of Einstein’s assistant, an adventure about an atom of oxygen that travels the world as a 13 year old boy, a fascinating murder mystery; and for fun, a humorous golf book. He wrote, published  and sold them throughout Florida.

Now! Ron has gone one step further; he’s written 10 books at the same time in his 88th year. He’s incorporated self-help mystery, humor, adventure and biography into one huge writing entitled;

“Make Everyday Discovery Day”.

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